Arts and crafts is a great outlet for you to express the ideas and thoughts you have visualized in your mind. Did you know it’s a good source of income too? This 2017, many hobbyists created various works for the love of the craft and for money. You can be one of them too with the use of your candle making kits, silky threads, or colourful beads.

candle making kits

It’s exciting to do something you love especially when you put your heart and passion into it. The effort you put in folding, weaving, or cutting the materials becomes worth it once you see your final output. Why don’t you make yourself feel even better with your work by monetising it?

Here are some artisan hobbies that you can try to learn:


There are several things that you can do with crocheting. You can make tiny chair socks, cute scarves, or warm sweaters. It uses affordable yarns and crochet needles. You can find those in shops that sell DIY materials for home scents, candle making kits, and the likes. The good thing about this activity is that you can start it in your free time and finish it whenever you want. It’s something that you can start, stop, and just resume whenever you feel like it. Also, it’s very relaxing to do. Sit on your porch, relax, and work your needles to create beautiful masterpieces.

Candle Making

A lot of people before have already started this activity. It wasn’t until later that others have tried this too. From raw materials to bi-products, there are a lot of resources that you can use for candle making. There’s a wide variety of containers as well where you can put your finish product to make it look more appealing. Add a label, a ribbon, or other accessories and you’re all set to sell. Several candle making kits in Australia already come with these decorations. If you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, and other major cities in the country, you can buy candle making kits Australia based stores to find suppliers near you. You can also check for other useful items.

Rustic Accessories

Apart from crocheting and candle making, you can also try making accessories from rustic materials. You can try making bracelets from shoelaces, chokers from leather-like wires, and more. Local shops like Candle Supply that have candle making kits Australia exclusives also sell twines, thin wires, and other things you can use. The products you make can be given as gifts to your friends and family members or you can put them up online. It’s fairly easy to sell these things since everyone is into handmade accessories these days. Bring out your creativity to items that can be worn proudly by people.

At the end of the day, whether you’re putting candle making kits together or cutting leather strips for bracelets, doing what you love is still what matters most. The money you make is just a little something that you get from putting passion and hard work together. Enjoy doing your little artisan hobby and let people see how creative you can be.