Evaluating turntable or cartridge quality from any DJ equipment hire Melbourne has today is just one of the criteria when buying or renting DJ equipment packages. Aspiring DJs in exciting cities like Melbourne should also know why they should buy them and start mixing with a turntable before moving on to a more advanced DJ controller.

Here’s why you should invest in the right turntables and cartridges from high-calibre Melbourne DJ equipment hire today:

DJ Turntables.

Turntables are used to manipulate the sound points on a record through scratching or by moving back and forth. The invention of turntables is historic since its birth was also the beginning of the DJ industry. However, buying turntables from a reputable DJ equipment hire Melbourne has these days doesn’t mean you’re instantly a DJ. Remember that turntables require constant practicing and understanding before you reach mastery.

Direct Drive and Belt-Driven Turntables.

There are two kinds of turntables, which is direct drive and belt-driven. For most experienced and seasoned DJs, they like purchasing the former from any DJ equipment hire in Melbourne since the electric motor in the direct drive is durable regardless of the sound trick performed the turntable.

On the other hand, belt-driven turntables are more high-maintenance, which means they are easily damaged during scratching and other techniques like record slowing.

Why Should You Buy Turntables First

The path to becoming a DJ includes practicing with a lot of equipment starting from the most basic tools, which include one or two turntables. You can buy modernized turntables or start with a DJ controller where beat mapping is automatic, but aspiring DJs are often urged to start with the vintage turntables. As a result, many hotshot DJs in the music industry may scratch their heads on why some seasoned DJs would advise novices in starting with the vintage turntables.

Sure, laptops and modernized turntables in DJ booths may do the job quickly, but every aspiring DJ should start mixing with their ears first. Learning how to mix manually will help you to be more in tune with any record. In addition, working with turntables will help you enhance your listening skills and habits since you will be listening to music constantly.

Two DJ Cartridges or Needles

Supposing you will be working with two turntables, you will also need two cartridges. They vary on the usage, modernity, and ability to produce outstanding sound quality. Some are designed specifically for scratching and specifically for club mixing, while some work better for their corresponding length of mixing set and work fine with club or concert mixing.

Finding the right cartridges will help the turntable deliver sound tricks flawlessly, so you have to be clever in choosing. Among of the top picks by many cartridge lists include the Shure Whitelabel, a pricey but excellent one-piece headshell that mixes well with both analog and digital records. The Shure brand is available from any DJ equipment hire Melbourne has today such as RTR Productions. More information RTR Productions

Being an aspiring DJ takes guts and intelligence in making the right purchasing decisions. Make sure you find DJ equipment hire Melbourne that sells quality turntables, cartridges, and other fundamental DJ gears.